October 5, 2011 – Steve Jobs Goes Beyond

My early adulthood years hero is dead.

English: Apple IIe computer (enhanced version)
English: Apple IIe computer (enhanced version) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I had my first Apple II back in 1980, I had looked-up to Steve as my idol.  He was brash, handsome and had that unmistakable air of invincibility in him.

I was working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1982 when I first saw the fantastic Apple IIe – as well as the Apple III.

I don’t believe in miracles and magic but I had an epiphany when I laid my eyes on the Apple IIe inside that store in Saudi Arabia.  It seemed to have a halo above it — the company has something special going for it.

What followed for Apple from 1982 through nearly the end of 2011 could probably never be repeated again in world business history.

The world’s best salesman and magician had died.

Thanks, Steve, for all those goodies