So Many Things to Do…So Little Time!

The heart of San Francisco
The State of California building as seen from the park across SFO City Hall

Since I moved working environs from Fairfield to SFO late August this year, I hardly had the time to update this site. SFO is such a bustling city that getting used to in this new lifestyle will take me some time.

Fairfield was really so boring, after all!

What’s coming up? I have in line more new computers & gadgets, new software (including Apple’s latest OS X Leopard), more world music, news & more importantly, will upgrade the web server to a massive two (2) terrabytes of storage space!

Happy Thanksgiving and happy holidays to all!

Why I am an iPhone Holdout

I love new techs & gadgets. The iPhone craze died-out immediately after its initial release last June 29, 2007. There was

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

ample supply (hey, it’s only a cell phone) of this new gadget from Apple that prevented ‘scalpers’ (eBay or CL) from wreaking further havoc out of the pocketbooks of ‘techno-lusters‘.

But, no – no matter how compelling this gadget might be – I wasn’t among the folks who lined-up at an Apple Store to be the first one to have the iPhone…which I did with the original iPod release.

I’m waiting for the next release of the iPhone, and I’ll get one, if and only if the ff. requirements are present:

1. Faster data access (the current EDGE/GPRS service sucks).
2. VoIP apps will be available (Skype, would be really nice).
3. An ‘open’ version will be available. No more 3rd-party hacks.

That’s it. Until then, I still view the iPhone as a mishmash of the Blackberry, Palm T|X & Sony’s PSP.


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