How Casinos Make A Fool Out of You

I have to admit that it took a very long time before I realized that those seemingly entertaining casino sorties that we have had in the past years almost made me among the stupidest people in the world.

It took me a lot of time to finally realize that casinos are simply mass financial slaughterhouses designed to make fools out of people and to take away their hard-earned money by utilizing all schemes – devious or not – possible.

In these days and age of social media, some people even take their foolishness to new heights by posting their casino addictions primarily via “vlogs” (video blogs) on YouTube, Vimeo, and other websites.  Most of these poor, misguided souls not only get their highs from playing the slots machines but also by the number of visitors or ‘hits’ on their vlogs — and they think that they are popular when their vlogs get viral.

Casino owners and operators are simply laughing: not only these gambling addicts provide free advertising for the casinos but vlogs also promote gambling to a much wider audience. This is just another foolish denial of the gambling addict as well as a means to legitimize one’s vice.

It’s only a matter of time before casinos get all that they have.   All of the others who claimed fun, food, strategy, discipline, and additional self-deceptions have been sucked in, chewed up, and spat out.  

Roulette Roulette Table Chips Money
Roulette Roulette Table Chips Money

In addition to their massive mailing & advertising campaigns, casinos employ people called “VIP Host” to cater to gamblers with lots of money to lose.  These scumbags will seemingly give big-time gamblers their personal attention and care while milking away all their money.

The whole premise of a host is to extract as much money from players as possible. Casinos award hosts bonuses based on how much the gambler loses.  This is pure and simple evil.

Entertaining or not, there is always a sinister feeling that I get each time I enter a casino – – or, any gambling establishment for that matter.  Entering one, you get sucked into a place that distorts your concept of time and money.

Time and money: that’s what the casinos take away from common folks out to have a good time or hard-core gamblers.

More than money, it’s that valuable time that you lose for the rest of your lives while you’re inside casinos that make you so much more foolish than you think otherwise.  The time that I had wasted is no different than what a prisoner loses while locked up in jail.

All for what?   Wasting countless hours staring and pressing that ‘BET’ button in slot machines (yes, casinos try their very best to make them more animated via bigger screens and louder speakers) simply to watch a virtual reel spin on a colored screen?

These man-made contraptions have what the casino industry euphemistically termed as ‘random number generator’. 

The truth is these machines are designed and programmed to bring guaranteed financial ruin to any casino habitué who had that fantastical notion that they can make these gambling establishments their personal ATMs.

The key word is here is: “programmed”.  So, how can you beat a machine – in the long run – that was designed and made to pay out lower than the amount of money you put in?

Now that I had just mentioned ATMs, some casinos now offer “NO ATM FEES” inside their places.  Mind you, this is not a service to help people out but just another one of their many devious schemes to facilitate the transfer of people’s hard-earned savings and checking accounts to the casinos’ already-fat accounts.

On table games, watching the green baize while your bankroll dissipates because of the huge casino advantage is no fun at all.  And all along,  their second-hand-smoke-smelling employees quietly (or, sometimes, brazenly) celebrate that they had legitimately defrauded people of their nest eggs yet expect tips from these very same people that they had just robbed.

It’s OK to lose your time and money for a worthwhile cause but lose both inside a casino?  Casinos had provided all the tools to make a person stupid.  Just think about it.

There are better and much more exciting things to do in one’s lifetime than spend the bulk of your time inside a casino.

It took me a lot of time before I finally realized that I was punishing rather than entertaining myself when I go to a casino.

Casinos also fool you about the “real-world” concept of money.  You give them real money but they give chips or a piece of paper in return.  These simple diversions are mere ploys to make it easier for them to take all of your real money.

Casinos also fool you by giving that illusion that whatever you lose, you can have it all back by a single ‘lucky break’ — a break that will never come.  How can a good thing come out of a place that is borne out of a devious scheme?

For people who still have difficulties to see through the lies and deceptions of casinos, it’s really just a matter of admitting the fact that you have an addiction.  And, the realization that casinos do their very best to get you deeper into that addiction.

No matter how hard casinos try to trick people -through their massive advertising campaign- into believing that their places are just fun places where you can have a good time.  This may be okay if you possess that super will power (in reality, this feat is almost impossible as we’re all just human) and simply go to a casino to eat, drink and be merry and not have anything to do with their slot machines and table games…then go straight home.

But, that’s the initial bait casinos have laid out for people in their path to financial ruin.   While inside a casino, the lure of these money-draining slot machines and the hard-sell of their dealers to play those table games whose odds of winning are stacked heavily against players, are just simply too hard to resist.

Some may have wised up and gotten scared after realizing they were in a life-stealing vortex. Others simply just fell into the same trap and just lost all their money.  But, newbie gamblers with fresh faces filled with excitement, hope, and gambling naïveté fill the spaces left by those fun-seekers who were deceived by themselves at the hands of the super-slick gaming establishment.

So, why fall into these traps laid out by casinos, when you can have a better time with your family and friends in honest-to-goodness places that serve better food and entertainment?

Casinos, therefore, are just a trap, borne out of a devious scheme — for your financial ruin and for you to become a prisoner by way of the precious time you lose when you’re inside one.

Most people, if they are honest, will recognize their lack of power to solve certain problems. When it comes to gambling, I had noted – including myself – that many problem gamblers who could abstain for long stretches but caught off guard and under the right set of circumstances, they started gambling without thought of the consequences.

The defenses they relied upon, through will power alone, gave way before some trivial reason for placing a bet.  Will power and self-knowledge will not help in those mental blank spots, but adherence to spiritual principles seem to solve our problems.

I had this belief that to believe in a power greater than ourselves and to acknowledge that gambling is evil are necessary in order for one to sustain a desire to refrain from gambling.

So, don’t let casinos make a fool out of you.  Avoid them by all means, at all costs, and recognize them as places of evil.

Just remember these when you see that big “CASINO” sign, whenever and wherever you are:  You lose your CAsh, you commit a SIn… so, just say NO.

You’re not a fool, are you?