Black Friday Version 2.0.11

I had to get home early after our Thanksgiving party in Fremont so that I can get to bed early.

By 10:00 pm, after watching a streaming video – “Bride Flight” – via Netflix, I dozed-off and dreamed about the gadgets I planned to buy for this year’s Black Friday sale, version 2.011.

On top of my list was Roku’s HD-XS video streaming pod.  The only other gizmo on my list was Blackberry’s Playbook tablet.

Roku 2 XS box
Roku 2 XS box (Photo credit: rushaw)

These two were by painstakingly culled from the numerous gadgets that were playing tricks on my head as Nov. 25 slowly crept in. My reasons were as follows:

For the Roku HD-XS, I plan to give it as a Christmas present.  Two BFs ago, they had a similar sale for their then, top-of-the-line, Roku HD-XR at half ($65) their selling price of $130.

The choice of the Blackberry Playbook was one that was arrived at after days of careful research and thoughtful considerations.

Did I get both?

And so, my biological clock roused me up at 5:30 am. Made and poured me 3 cupfuls of coffee unto my thermos and by 5:50 am, I was already at the front door of the nearest Office Depot store.

At the door, the sales person handed me a piece of paper which served as my ticket to get my Blackberry Playbook 16GB at the limited-time offer price of $200.

Blackberry originally sold their 16GB version of the Playbook for $500. After Amazon began shipping their “Fire” tablet last Nov 15 for $200, Blackberry joined the tablet price-cut fray by offering their Playbooks $300 less out of your wallets.  This offer is good until Dec. 3, 2011 only.

But, I want my Playbook now and so after taxes ($17.50) & the CA recycling fee ($6), my new BF toy set me back at $223.50.

By 6:45 am, I was already back at home.

Got another cup of coffee & checked out Roku’s website.

There was a Roku HD-XS deal but it was not the similar deal they had back in 2009.

You have to buy two HD-XS boxes just to get a $40 discount.

And – this was the part that really turned me off –  you have to kiss their ass via Facebook.

Facebook????  Yucks.


November 11
English: President Woodrow Wilson addresses the United States Congress early in his first term. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, 11/11/2011 had been deemed by the Chinese as the luckiest day to get married.  For them, it’s the best day to leave the single life behind.

In the U.S., 11/11 is Veteran’s Day – a national holiday.  It was President Woodrow   Wilson who proclaimed this holiday on November 12, 1919 to celebrate the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I.

It’s merely coincidental that holiday is on its 92nd year of celebration in 2011.  The sum of 9 and 2 also yields 11.

For this author, 11/11/11 is the luckiest day in his lifetime.  He gets all the 11s and a 6.

This author salutes all the war veterans – as well as all the newly weds – on this special, once-in-a-lifetime date!!!