Learning from History – When the Fates Whisper to Humans There is a God

The dictionary defines fate as “forces outside of your control that make things happen.”

In this age and time where almost any event -past or present- can be explained by science, the concept of a God or a “Supreme Being” dominating over us, is simply a myth — just another concoction of the human mind. But, is it???

Science and religion (or, just the belief of a superior being) are strange bedfellows that govern our lives once we’re brought forth on this planet. We were not given a choice to be born or not but we also don’t want our existence to be predictable and measurable by one of the main branches of science – mathematics (together with logic).

Humanity Development Maturation
Do Humans Have Total Control of their Destinies?

Today, we had created all the tools to predict as well as to manipulate one’s thoughts and way of life. Money, media, advances in travel, and, of course, technology had made this planet seem smaller and more accessible. These, together with the explosive increase of the world’s population had made the quest to stand out and be the envy of others –an obsession for some people.

It is in this context that humans totally forget that life is not an exact science and each and everyone’s life is unpredictable. While genetics had shown that traits and abilities, as well as diseases and life spans, can be passed on or measured, life’s immeasurable variables are just too much for science.  Even the science of weather forecasting can be wrong.

Humans are not robots that can all be simply shepherded into a controlled environment in order for the masters to have total control over their slaves. The human brain is just too complex that even science, and its fantastic role in human advancement, had barely scratched the surface of how it works — every individual being is unique. Multiply those variables with the global population and you’ll get a result that is just too overwhelming for science or mathematics to accurately measure. And, humans, just keep evolving.

In spite on these, there are a few people who’ll try to manipulate others how they think or how they perceive the concept of good and bad. Some do it for pure monetary gain, some for raw power and some, just do it because it is in their genetic make-up or so, it seems.

Media, money, and technology are prime examples of how these supposedly-helpful human-made tools had manipulated people’s perception of reality as well as good and bad. More so, in advanced countries where crass materialism, had permeated daily lives like the spoon and fork.

It’s also too sad that some news medium had totally abandoned truth – even bits and morsels of it- for the sake of ratings and sensationalism — which equates to more money. They had gone so low in favor of makeup and flesh over grey matter.

The same tools had also been used by a few people for their own personal glory. Goodness or what is normally perceived to be good in society doesn’t matter as long as they live the good life, the envy of others– their goals are achieved. For these few, morality no longer matters. Everything could be bought and turned into their lapdogs. What God? I am God. Look, I am too popular. I could do anything I want and it’s all too easy.

But It’s also too easy for science to remind us that if someone achieves power and truly believes that he’s among the gods, he goes mad. And, Fate steps in.

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Man versus Fate

The ancient Greeks and Romans -with their belief in a plethora of gods and goddesses- had always reminded us over and over again that some form of tragedy awaits mere mortals once they cross that invisible line that separates humans from the gods.  The Greeks even have a word for it – hubris

Therefore, whether humans evolved by natural design or not, the ability to perceive what’s good or bad seems to be a built-in mechanism. Nobody has to tell the other what’s good or bad.

In the end, in spite of the fame, the fortune, and the adulation one gets, in a person’s communion with one’s self, the voice within our hearts of hearts will grow louder and louder once one nears the end of life. 

As if the Fates keep whispering in our ears that they are always around to keep an eye on us and what we do— that They are the Masters of our destinies.